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Firestone Industrial Products Co. ~Industrial Product Information
Airstroke™ Logo
Airstroke™ actuators are used as a short stroke, high force, single acting pneumatic actuator. Its unique capabilities make it ideal for friction free, leak free, flexible force applications. more...
Airstroke actuators
Airmount™ Logo
Airmount™ isolators are used to support and isolate external vibrations, or support a vibrating load and prevent its energy from disturbing the surroundings. more...
Airmount isolators
Airpicker™ Logo      Airgripper™ Logo
AirPicker™ & AirGripper™ end effectors are Firestone's new rubber and fabric inflatable ID and OD grippers. These parts use similar technology to the air spring, but expand radially instead of axially to grip either the ID or OD of an object. Soft, compliant air expands a sensitive rubber envelope to grip the surface evenly and completely. more...
Airpicker & Airgripper end effectors
Marsh Mellow™ Logo
Marsh Mellow™ springs are used like the Airmount isolator as vibration isolators. However, they do not require air inflation. While not as efficient as air springs, Marsh Mellow springs are an effective passive isolator with superior characteristics to steel springs. more...
Marsh Mellow springs
Airomatic™ Logo
Originally designed for the conveyor industry, the actuators assist in conveyor transfer sections and roller brakes, but can be used in almost any application requiring very small pressure and stroke. more...
Airomatic polyactuator
Please Note: The information contained in this section of the web site is intended to provide a general guide to the characteristics and applications of these products. The material, herein, was developed through engineering design and development, testing and actual applications and is believed to be reliable and accurate. Firestone, however, makes no warranty, express or implied, of this information. Anyone making use of this material does so at his or her own risk and assumes all liability resulting from such use. It is suggested that competent professional assistance be employed for specific applications.
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