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The Airomatic™ polyactuators are Firestone Industrial Products Company's newest line of pneumatic actuators. The Airomatic™ polyactuator product line is fabricated of molded plastic elements welded together in a sealed unit. It is easily customizable to meet specific sizes and shapes for a wide variety of applications.

The new Airomatic™ polyactuator number 70-P-13 is Firestone's smallest actuator requiring a minimum of just 0.6 inches (16mm) clearance. This actuator is capable of strokes up to 0.5 inch (13mm) and can withstand loads up to 100 pounds (0.45 kN) at 50 psig.

Originally designed for the conveyor industry, the actuators assist in conveyor transfer sections and roller brakes, but can be used in almost any application requiring very small pressure and stroke.

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